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I’ll be writing down every url that reblogs in a notebook and I’m giving it to my homophobic father.


this actually has 9000 notes
9000 people genuinely reblogged this


this actually has 9000 notes

9000 people genuinely reblogged this



(Sorry this is going to be a long post, i would put it on read more however it is becoming risky to go to other peoples blogs so I have just left it)

I have collected as many blogs as possible that I/other people have proven to be blogs linked to the FBI/moneypak virus. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU FOLLOW OR ATTEMPT TO VISIT THEIR BLOG. I recommend noting down these names and blocking them all.

If you click on one of these blogs you are at a high risk of being redirected to a page claiming to be the FBI (or other police agencies specific to your country) explaining to you that your computer has been detained for one of the following reasons: 

  • viewing/downloading prohibited pornographic material
  • pirating copyrighted material
  • spreading viruses and being part of online scams

The ransom ware website explains that the only way to escape these charges is by paying a specific sum of money (from 100-500 dollars) through moneypak.

Obviously this website is fake, however it can be scary, especially when it doesn’t let you leave the webpage. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU PAY THE WEBPAGE. Paying them will not free your browser.

Depending on your laptop, this ransom ware can range from being annoying to being pretty dangerous! 

If you are a mac user you shouldn’t worry to much. Avoid these pages as much as you can, but if you do find yourself facing this nuisance just force quit and reset your browser. This should rid you of the problem (however I recommend using a virus protector to do a scan of your computer just in case)

On Windows and other computers it is more dangerous as the ransom ware can effect your computer outside of just the browser. It has even been known to turn on webcams!

If you find that your windows computer has been infected visit these webpages on a different device (or check the page now and write down the instructions just in case)

Now a few ways that you can identify whether a blog that has followed/reblogged you is a virus.

  • Blogs with these icons are viruses (or are blogs pretending to be viruses to scare you, i recommend not following them either, they sound like meanies).
  • If the url looks like a keysmash (random collection of letters and numbers) chances are it is a virus blog
  • If you hover over the blogs name and recent post are these or similar it is probably a virus blog.

Note that not all virus blogs have these characteristics. Some do not have an icon or appear to be completely safe. You can even catch this virus off of friends’ blogs thats html has been infected. It is a good idea to check your blogs html for suspicious activity and coding.

If any of these blogs follow you, block them immediately and contact Tumblr.

How to stay safe:

  • update/acquire some virus protection software
  • Avoid visiting other users blogs, even ones that have been safe in the past until this virus dies down.
  • Avoid clicking on blogs that have reblogged/liked your posts until this virus dies down.
  • Avoid following back until this virus dies down.

It is also a good idea that while this is going on, even if you don’t think your computer has been infected, to avoid online shopping or websites where personal information such as your credit card details/address/important passwords is needed if possible, or use another device to complete these tasks, just in case the virus is using key logging (the virus has done so in the past)

Don’t worry too much about this virus/malware/ransom ware/whatever you want to call it. As long as you exercise reasonable caution you should be safe :) If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me!

Long post over

YO this shit is apparently all over tumblr STAY SAFE AND DON’T VISIT OTHER BLOGS YOU DON’T KNOW ASKING FOR SHIT. Our ask box is closed and we still got a highly suspicious message. DON’T DO IT.


I haven’t been on because of school~!
Forgive me~!

Reblog if you’re a girl who likes girls, a boy who likes boys, or a person who believes it shouldn’t matter.



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I am married to a man but here is a secret: I also like girls. Like, a lot. You might have noticed huhu


So her hair came in and I cannot wait (thought the rerooting is going to be the most time consuming). Her hair is going to be white on bottom and black on top and this is the last time I buy doll hair swirled together. I ordered from here and I got the 38” hank for $5.00 and I made an awesome combo for Frankie’s Hair (Black Magick and Snowflake) and if you ask for it swirlled and want to part it, ASK FOR IT IN THE INSTRUCTIONS! Then it’s less work for you to do.

So back to the debate of remaking Ghoulia. Should I? I adore Ghoulia and her awesome geekiness, but I still want that second mascot. Then again I also want it to be a custom monster. So that leads down to Ghoulia or a custom monster. I am just not sure on what to do at the moment.

Decision made (possibly)

Well my Jiang Shi will be called Jayne Shi.
With that I am heavily thinking on making my Dragon (Build a Monster) into a different species
(By buying a tail tor make one as a customized and make something with a tail and wings).

Might even just do a recolor for the Dragon and make her more bad ass or girly, not sure as of yet.